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We repair flex panel saddles. Please call for more information.

Timberline Saddles are Different

Timberline saddles have been tested and proven by professional riders and trainers in many riding disciplines and unlike traditional saddles, they fit both the horse and rider.

Timberline saddles flex, to accommodate all gaites in motion. The fit of the saddle adjusts and flexes with the horses motion to provide pain free movement while being ridden. The fit never changes during any kind of motion.


Timberline uses a FLEX-PANEL SYSTEM,
designed by engineers, to make a saddle that distributes weight over a larger area, reducing you horse's back fatigue. These flex-panels adjust to accommodate a wider variety of back conformations. Also, the flex panels allow the shoulder and back muscles to move freely making your horse more comfortable when being ridden.  

Additionally, the comfort and relief because of Timberline's FLEX-PANEL SYSTEM from back pain encourages the horse to improve performance, be more collected and be ridden longer and more often. So, why not ride a saddle that fits you and the horse?

The benefits from riding a Timberline saddle are:

  • A saddle that fits almost every horse in the barn
  • Allows the horse to listen to cues without pain and resistance
  • Improves your horse's attitude and performance
  • Both you and your horse can enjoy riding free of pain and soreness
  • And decreases the likelihood of deep muscle injuries

Each saddle is CUSTOM  made to your specific requirements, and is hand crafted in the USA, using the highest quality materials available. We have a LIFETIME GURANTEE on the trees, and a ONE YEAR guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Contact a dealer to take a test ride and compare for  yourself.








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