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Our TIMBERLINE SOFTWEAR breast collars protect your horse's shoulders from rubbing by traditional breast collars which pass directly over the moving shoulder. Our construction lets the breastplate pass upward from the center of the chest to fasten high on the front of the saddle. This holds the saddle well in the uphill, without causing chaffing. Our breast collars are made for very heavy use yet elegant enough to show in. Made of top grain cowhide, neoprene covered with a soft leather, nylon webbing & heavy duty hardware, they will stand the test of time. These breast collars are cut and dyed to match your saddle they can also be tooled to match  your saddle. They are available in SMALL 15” breast strap, REGULAR  17” breast strap and LARGE 19” breast straps. The neck strap, side tugs and lower chest strap are adjustable.

Western 2” Breast Collar
Available with border tooling, partial carve, or full carve.
English 1” Breast Collar
Only available with select border tooling.


 Soft, but durable neoprene wet suit foam cushions the horse and is slick when wet for comfortable security. Strong, tough nylon webbing provides the structure around which the neoprene tubes are sewn, and the hardware comes in BRASS OR STAINLESS STEEL.  Comfortable for the horse, an attractive too. They come in SMALL 15", REGULAR 17", OR LARGE 19". Breast collars come complete with adjustable neck straps, side tugs, and chest strap.

English Neoprene Breast Collar: 1" wide
Western Neoprene Breast Collar: 2" wide
To see examples of our breast collars

For more information about all the options, contact your local dealer.


Our TIMBERLINE Neoprene Girths are an excellent companion for our saddles. We start with smooth, ¼" cushioned neoprene wet suit foam against the horse tubed around a thick, 4" wide webbing. . The attachment of the buckles and other features built into the TIMBERLINE neoprene girth give it a long life and great fit to your horse.
Western and English neoprene girth:
20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"
(Larger sizes can be made and will have a slight up charge.)

To see examples or our girths 
For more information about all the options, contact your local dealer.

Back Flank Cinch

Our back flank cinches are made with weaqr and tear in mind. 
Top-grain cowhide, nylon webing and oiled bootleather are the results.
Your choice of color, Natural, Chestnut, Rust, Brown, Black, Oxblood as well as Stainless Steel or Brass hardware. 

To see an example of our flank cinch  

Neoprene Cruppers

Our Neoprene cruppers are made from the same high quality 1/4" neoprene as the rest of our Neo line.
Once again tubed around a smooth nylon core. Straps are made with nylon ribbon covered in a supple leather and topped with top grain cowhide. All made for strength and comfort.
We offer single and double cruppers. They also come in the same colors as your saddle or a standard black. Stainless steel or Brass hardware.
(we now use 2 snaps to attach the neo tubes for easy removal. )

To see examples of our neo cruppers 

Softwear Headstalls 

TIMBERLINE offers headstalls in our own Softwear construction, providing your horse with the ultimate in cushioned comfort, light weight, and beauty to match your saddle and tack. Each headstall begins with a core of nylon webbing, covered by a tube of supple leather.  This allows cushion to the horses face, strength and durability for the everyday wear and tear. We have all tied our hoses up and they do rub.  No sharp edges against the horse's facial bones or behind its ears. This is all topped by top grain leather to match your saddle and tack. Though the assembly has several components, it is actually lighter than an all leather headstall and so pliable and soft, you can tie it in knots. Now, you can have the rich beauty of leather on your horse, without it becoming sweat soaked. Sizing is: SMALL, REGULAR & LARGE. These bridle and headstalls feature full adjustments. Also remember to choose your leather color: NATURAL, CHESTNUT, BROWN, RUST, OXBLOOD OR BLACK. Specify hardware choice BRASS OR STAILESS STEEL. And stitching choices WHITE, BLACK, OR BROWN.
Soft Wear V'd Brow Band Headstall
Soft Wear Straight Brow Band Headstall
Soft Wear One Ear Headstall
Soft Wear Old Time Western Headstall
all available with select border tool on the brow band. 

To see examples of our Headstalls 
For more information about all the options, contact your local dealer.

Softwear Reins

Our softwear reins are built on a nylon core with supple leather encasement and top grain cowhide to match your saddle stitched to the top. They have swivel snaps on the ends in either stainless steel or brass.
You can get them in
6' split
8' split
8' one piece.

To see examples of our reins 

For more information about our options please contact your dealer.


We also offer Tapaderos

Our tapaderas are made from our quality top grain leather and backed with oiled boot leather. They are rapped around our ez ride nylon cores with the non-skid pads. They are available in the same colors as our saddles and can be tooled to match.

 To see examples of these 
Please contact your dealer for more information


No more BREAK - IN time for your stirrup leathers.
Made from harness leather for strength. These handy turners will turn your stirrups for easy mounting and ankle comfort. They relieve stress on your ankles and knees.

To see examples of these
please contact your dealer for more information.



Top grain leather saddle bags

The saddle bag and yoke are made from top grain cowhide, and the yoke is backed with bootleather. The buckles come in stainless steel or brass. You can get them in the same colors we offer to match your saddle, Natural, Chestnut, Oxblood, Rust, Brown, or Black. They are big enough to accommodate trail ride essentials at 8" wide, 9" long, and 2.5" deep.
Border tooling is available.

To see examples of our saddle bags 

For more information about all the options, contact your local dealer.

Camera or Cell phone Pouch

This convenient pouch is made into the latigo keeper of your saddle and attached right up front for easy access. It is made from the same high quality top grain leather as your saddle and can be tooled to match. Some even have their initials stamped on it.

To see examples of this handy pouch  
For more information on these options please contact your dealer.

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