The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider



 Booties replace traditional saddle pads. Slip them on the panels  ride them as long as you like, slip them off for washing. Unlike saddle pads, they cannot become tight over the spine, they allow free airflow down the middle of the saddle & they can’t wrinkle. They are designed very thin, since no padding is needed under the comfortable Flex system panels. Little maintenance or washing is needed. 

They come standard with a Cordura top layer and a polyester fleece bottom.  Also available with washable Merino lambs wool sewn into a synthetic backing for an additional charge. The Merino wool is cooler for the horse, collects less hair and dirt, mats less and is fantastic to wash.

 With all the booties do rinse them twice to remove all soapy residues

 The color choices for Top layer of Cordura, black or brown. 

 Choices for the underside toward horse, either a synthetic fleece in black or white, or Merino Wool, which is a very light cream color. 

 If you have flaps on your saddle you may want the bootie to come down behind the flap or just over the panels.    

         Panel booties. These are black cordura with black fleece.                                             








              Full Flap booties. These are black cordura with merino wool.








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