Three years ago the parent of one of Mike Kinsey’s Start ‘em Right® horsemanship students contacted Mike with a “tip”.  Their family business had an employee that was crazy about horses, but didn’t have the resources to follow her dream.  The business owner strongly suggested Mike at least offer an introductory ride with what they described as “a very responsible promising 19 year old college student”. 

Though doubtful, Mike agreed to allow Lori Childress to work a few hours each week in exchange for Mike’s horsemanship lessons.  Within a few lessons, Lori had Mike’s attention as she demonstrated her raw talent and insightfulness into equine behavioral psychology.   Within 6 months Lori earned herself an internship, and within 18 months earned a position as Mike’s fulltime senior intern. 

This season Lori entered her first show, an American Quarter Horse show at Clemson, South Carolina.  In spite of Lori’s “butterflies” and concerns for remembering the reining pattern, Lori earned two first place and two second place awards. A month later at Lori’s second show she earned the “Circuit Championship” in reining.  

Lori has demonstrated her dedication to excelling in this very competitive technically challenging sport of reining.  To develop the consistency one must understand not just the technical maneuvers, but recognize and deal with the ever changing horse behavior.  This can only be consistently done when one has a psychological understanding of horses.   The extensive riding and requirement for athletic ability can be enhanced, or detracted by the tack used.  Lori and her horse benefit from Lori’s Timberline Saddlery flex-panel saddle.  The Mike Kinsey Performance saddle was designed by Mike Kinsey for ultimate freedom of movement of the rider, on the proven Timberline flex-panel system that provides freedom of movement for the horse.

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