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Rear Flank Billets

Rear Flank Billets

All or our western saddles (with the exception of the Side Kick LE) come with rear flank billets and a hoof pick holder. If you do not use a rear flank cinch and don't want the long rear billets we can put on short ones  with the hoof pick holder.  A leatherman or tool pouch can be added to the off side billet.
The option to add rear flank billets to your endurance saddle is also available.

Standard Long rear billet with hoof pick holder
hoof pick holder 7"l x 1 3/4"w

Short Rear billet with hoof pick holder

 Leatherman or Tool Pouch

  6" l x 2 1/2" w

   8.5" X 4"

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