The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider

Southern Comfort

Weight approximately 26-30 pounds

Seat sizes: 15", 16", 17" ½ sizes available  (larger call for pricing).

Horns: No horn, 34 or 00 std. Other options available (36 & 23 N/A for this model). 

Saddle LeatherChoice of Natural, Chestnut, Rust, Brown, Black or Oxblood. 

Seat LeatherChoice of Smooth or Suede. Black, Brown, Rust, Toast. 

ToolingAll border tooling and carving available. 

Stirrups: Leather covered Bells or Ropers, or Nylon distance bell w/ side wraps, or Ez rides w/side wraps, std.  Other options available.

FENDERS: 8 styles available. Specify short, std. or long.                     WITH FLAPS: 2"leathers are std. Mini fenders available with up charge. 

Silver: Montana Silver Conchos & Horn cap std. Other options available 

Skirts: Western round, lined with sheep's wool Std. ( Western square available with up charge).

               WITH FLAPS:Endurance panels with sheep's wool std.

Rigging: Standard with Western Adjustable rigging. Rear Flank billets w/Hoof pick holder. Drop yoke rigging available for an upcharge.

Hardware: Stainless Steel Std. 6 strings, Footmans loops on cantle,  B/C D's, & Crupper D, STD. 



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