Mule Saddles

The all around is just that.  Designed with slightly smaller panels and a shorter adjustable rigging, the all around fits a wide range of mules and horses.  From the short ones to the tall ones.   It works well as a using saddle, trail saddle, and with a little tooling and silver, makes a great show saddle. You have the down to the horse feel.

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Welcome to the new Timberline Saddle mule page.   Timberline has always listened to its many valued customers, and in keeping with that spirit, we have added this place to our website just for mule owners.  
Mules can present some fitting challenges, especially the smaller mules that are so popular in many parts of the country.  All Timberline saddles, due to our flex panel system, will fit mules and horses equally well, but we have taken a number of our standard features and put them together with the mule rider in mind.  Especially noteworthy is a shorter rigging to accommodate smaller mules IF NEEDED, as well as smaller horses.

The plus for the rider is that the rigging will also work for larger horses and mules, allowing the rider to use the same saddle on all sizes of mules and horses.  We feel this is an innovative break through in our paneled saddles, and invite you to contact us or any or our dealers, with any questions you may have. 

Happy mule trails. 

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