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    I was introduced to Timberline Saddles twelve years ago, when a lady brought her saddle with her to ride my gaited mule.  She was riding a Law Man endurance saddle.   I rode behind her most of the day.  I noticed, I could see through the saddle from front to back.  After a few hours and fifteen miles of riding, I removed the saddle from the mule.  What I found was a dry spine, and two wet patterns where the panels rested on the mules back.  I have been sold on Timberline Saddles since that day.

    I raise and train gaited mules.  The gaited mules normally have around a seven-inch gullet.  I ride the same saddle (Timberline Roper) on all the mules I ride.  I have never had a mule with a sore back since I started riding Timberline Saddles.

    I have fitted some quarter mules and horses with a Timberline saddle that had an eight-inch gullet.

    Most of my riding is in the Smokies and The Big South Fork Mountains in East Tennessee. A normal day of riding for me is around twenty miles. Timberline saddles have served me and my mules well.

    With this said, when Art Boehs (Owner and Founder of Timberline Saddle Company) told me he was closing Timberline and retiring, I wasn’t able to accept that.  I didn’t want to have to go through trying to find another saddle that would work on my mules. I have already been through that with no success, until I found Timberline Saddles.  So, I purchase Timberline Saddle Company from Art.

    I will continue keeping this great panel saddle on the market.  I will use only the best leather, sheep’s wool, seat material, and panel material money can buy.

     I plan to keep most of Timberline Saddle models in stock with a 16 inch seat and with 1 inch of padding in the seat, making a very comfortable seat for the rider.  I will be happy to work with you and build your perfect custom saddle to your specifications.

     I look forward in helping you get the saddle that will adjust to your animal as it grows or contracts, and will fit most all the animals in your barn


Keith Holley
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