The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider

About Us


Timberline Saddle Company is owned by Keith Holley.  It is a friendly, family oriented business in Spring City Tennessee

We build custom saddles for the rider, horse and mule.  We want our customers to be happy.  We pride ourselves on our workmanship and strive to do better in everything we do.  We want our customers to be proud of their saddles. 

Timberline saddles are flex-panel saddles, to accommodate all gaits in motion.  The fit of the saddle adjusts and flexes with the animals motion to provide pain free movement while being ridden.  The fit never changes during any kind of motion.

* A saddle that fits almost every horse and mule in the barn

* A saddle that adjusts it's self to the horse or mule as it grows or declines

* Allows the horse to listen to cues without pain and resistance

* Improves your horse’s attitude and performance

 Both you, horse and mule can enjoy riding free of pain and soreness

If you are interested in making the rider, horse and mule happy,  please contact


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