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Our TIMBERLINE SOFT WEAR breast collars protect your horse's shoulders from rubbing by traditional breast collars which pass directly over the moving shoulder. Our construction lets the breastplate pass upward from the center of the chest to fasten high on the front of the saddle. This holds the saddle well in the uphill, without causing chaffing. Our breast collars are made for very heavy use yet elegant enough to show in. Made of top grain cowhide, neoprene covered with a soft leather, & heavy duty hardware, they will stand the test of time. These breast collars are cut to match your saddle, they can also be tooled to match  your saddle. They are available in SMALL 15” breast strap, REGULAR  17” breast strap and LARGE 19” breast straps. The neck strap, side tugs and lower chest strap are adjustable.

Western 2” Breast Collar
Available with border tooling, partial carve, or full carve.
English 1” Breast Collar
Only available with select border tooling.


Back Flank Cinch

Our back flank cinches are made with wear and tear in mind. 
Top-grain cowhide are the results.
Your choice of color, Natural, Chestnut, Rust, Brown, Black, Mahogany. Stainless Steel hardware. 

To see an example of our flank cinch  

Neoprene Cruppers

Our Neoprene cruppers are made from the same high quality 1/4" neoprene.
Tubed around a smooth nylon core. Straps are made with top grain cowhide. All made for strength and comfort.
We offer single and double cruppers. They also come in the same colors as your saddle. Stainless steel hardware.
We now use 2 snaps to attach the neo tubes for easy removal. 

To see examples of our neo cruppers 


TIMBERLINE offers headstalls in to match your saddle and tack. They are made of our top grain leather to match your saddle and tack.  Sizing is: SMALL, REGULAR & LARGE. These bridle and headstalls feature full adjustments. Also remember to choose your leather color: NATURAL, CHESTNUT, BROWN, RUST, MAHOGANY OR BLACK. STAINLESS STEEL hardware. 

To see examples of our Headstalls 


We also offer Tapadero

Our tapaderos are made from our quality top grain leather. They are rapped around our endurance nylon stirrups or our stick stirrups. They are available in the same colors as our saddles and can be tooled to match.

 To see examples of these 


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