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Our Timberline soft wear breast collars are made for very heavy use yet elegant enough to show in.  Made of top grain cowhide, memory foam, soft garment, & heavy duty hardware, they will stand the test of time. These breast collars are cut to match your saddle and tooled to match if you wish. ( only select border tooling will fit the 1").  They come in natural, chestnut, rust, mahogany, brown or black. Stainless steel  hardware.  All breast collars are available in small 15", regular 17" or large 19", breast strap lengths. They are full of adjustment features, the neck strap, side tugs, and lower chest strap.


1" breast collar                                                                           $130

( only select border tooling available) add                      $20


2" breast collar                                                                            $150

border tooling add                                                                       $20

Plus, tax and shipping


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