The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider


Weight approximately 24- 30

 Seat sizes: 14", 15", 16", 17", ½ sizes available. (larger sizes call for pricing) 

 Horns: No Horn, or  00 or 34 STD. other options available
 ( 36 and 23 horns N/A  on this model.)

Fork & CantleSlick fork, Choice of straight cantle binding or Cheyenne roll. 

Saddle LeatherChoice of Natural, Chestnut, Rust, Brown, Black or Mahogany. 

Seat LeatherChoice of Smooth or Suede. Black, Brown, Rust, Toast. 

 ToolingAll border tooling and carving available. 

Silver: Montana Conchos and Horn cap STD. 

Stirrups: Western Sticks or Endurance  STD. other options available.  

Fenders: 8 styles available.  Specify Short, Standard, or Long. 

Skirts: Western Round skirts with real sheep's wool STD. (Western  Square available with up charge).


Rigging: Standard with Western Adjustable rigging. Rear Flank Billets w/ Hoof pick  Holder and  Drop yoke rigging optional, for an up charge.

 Hardware: Stainless Steel. Std. 6 Stings on D's under Conchos, Footman  Loops on rear of cantle and fork,  B/C D's & Crupper D.  STD.






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