The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider

Custom Options

Our horns are aluminum alloy for lighter weight but just as tough as steel.
They range in size from 2 1/2" to 3 3/4" in height and 1 1/2" to 3" in cap size.
The #18 is the only size that will fit in the pommel of the LawMan and the Timberline Officers Model.
The #23 is our most popular roping horn.
They can be polished but the most popular is leather covered to match the saddle.

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Chestnut, Natural, Mahogany, Brown, Rust & Black. Timberline Saddle Company uses only top-quality vegetable tanned top-grain cowhide on its saddles. These leathers have not been skived and buffed to look perfect, but are Grade A hides with the full top-grain intact to ensure strength, integrity and long life.
 The occasional blemish found in a natural smooth leather saddle indicates that it is a natural, full top-grain hide. Some blemishes, usually very slight, are to be expected.
When you receive your saddle it will be oiled and ready to go. We only use natural oils as not to damage the integrity of your saddle leather. A continuance of this care will ensure the life of your saddle for many years to come!
Remember you can always darken the color of your saddle with a coat of oil or just setting it out in the sun.  But you can't lighten it.

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The padding in our seats are very comfortable. They are hand ground and skived to make the most comfortable seat available. They are made with a layer of memory foam and a layer of neoprene.
This lets the foam absorb the pressure and still hold its cushion. You can choose from 1" padding or 1/2" padding.

Seat Garment
The seat garment comes in four colors, Toast, Rust, Brown, and Black
 You can get a smooth or suede seat. Like all leather we CAN NOT
guarantee the color to be exactly like the samples shown.

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Our western models are lined with real sheep's wool. You can pick from round western, square western skirts. These panels are great for horses or mules. 
Our Endurance and English models are lined with real sheep's wool. Also great for horses or mules,
The spring skirt flexes as the shoulder rotates eliminating wear at the front of your saddle skirts, not to mention alleviating the irritation to your horse's shoulder and withers.
These types of skirts enable the horse to move more freely.
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Fenders and Leathers

 As with everything Timberline Saddle Company offers, fenders and leathers have their options as well!
We have 8 different fender styles plus the 1” and 2” leathers.
 The neck on our fenders are 2” wide instead of 21/2” or 3” this makes the stirrup easier to turn and helps prevents ankle and knee strain. 
We've also come up with a small fender for the distance models that eliminate pinching.
 For those who love the 2" leather straps, those are available too!
Construction is surpassed by none. Our fenders are made of top-grain cowhide, reinforced nylon webbing and are lined with boot leather.
This will help keep the sweat from going through your fender, keeping your fender and leg dryer.  The nylon gives it strength without stretching. 
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Carving and Tooling

 All our tooling and carving is done right here in the shop. We don't send your saddle components across the country to be carved, but keep it close at hand .
 We "lift" the patterns, "bevel" and "detail" our work like you seldom find in other Western saddles. Our hand-carving patterns jump to life from your saddle.
We particularly recommend choosing our "Chestnut" leather color when ordering our hand-carving. Like all our hand dyed leathers, the Chestnut is soaked in mineral-based dye until it has received the maximum penetration within the leather fibers. Interestingly, the dye molecules are the most dense deep in the leather where they have "piled up" at the maximum saturation point. What happens when the carving takes place is that the leather is cut into this deepest penetration point, providing a gorgeous "patina" in our hand-carved patterns. The same is true with oxblood, brown, rust and black, however chestnut provides the most natural looking patina.
All of our leather colors can be tooled or hand carved.We offer many styles of borders, partial carves and full hand carves as well as several different styles of letters and numbers. We can also do brands.
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Enhance the beauty of your saddle with our Silver Options.  Montana Silver conchos come standard on all of our western saddles. Your western saddle standard silver package comes with 4- 1 1/2" - 2 - 1" and a horn cap. 

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Stirrup Options

Pick from:
Western Sticks
English Saftey Irons

Timberline Western Sticks and Endurance stirrups are comfortable with a base of 3/4" thick foam topped with leather to match your saddle. They are very comfortable for that long day of riding, and you can get your foot out easily.



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Our western saddles and some of the endurance models have an overlay on the fork.
Some are full overlays and others are just a simple roll bead on the front of the fork.
 We also have an option for a fancy fork overlay.
These overlays can be the same color as the saddle or they can be a contrast to match the seat. You decide.

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You have the option to have the hardware in stainless steel.

Rear Flank Billets
All or our western saddles come with rear flank billets and a hoof pick holder.
 If you do not use a rear flank cinch and don't want the long rear billets we can put short ones on with the hoof pick holder.
 The option to add rear flank billets to your endurance saddle is also available.

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You also have the choice of of a straight cantle binding, or Cheyenne roll on your saddle. The standard on an endurance saddle is a roll over cantle but you can opt for a straight cantle binding or a cheyenne roll.

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 With all these options you can make your saddle just like you want it, "ONE OF A KIND".

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