The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider

Frequently Asked Questions


 What exactly is Timberline Saddle?


Timberline starts with a tree designed by Timberline to our specifications for each model. The trees are built with solid wood overlaid with fiberglass and coated with Durahide.  A perfect saddle tree is the basis for a perfect saddle. 


Timberline uses only the highest grade USA cowhides.  We use top quality foams to design the perfect set that will give you a fit that is comfortable for hours of riding and will also be the envy of friends.


Every piece of leather is fitted to the tree until the top of the saddle is finished. Then comes the part that makes our saddles different from others;  our specially designed panel system that adjust to fit your individual animals without fatiguing.


Each step in constructing your saddle takes time and patience… the results are worth the wait!


What is the panel system and how does it work?


The panel system is made of high polymer acetate.  This space age product has the ability to flex and bend in all temperatures without taking a permanent shape.  The single panel is encased in our special recipe of comfort materials between a cowhide leather top tooled to match your saddle and a real sheepskin fleece on the bottom.  It is then mounted to the bottom of the tree in such a way that allows the panels to change pitch to accommodate for a higher wither, rounder top line, or for those shoulders that are fully developed. The panels move every time the animal takes a step, conforming with each stride thus allowing greater weight distribution, that a traditional saddle just can’t offer.


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