The Custom Saddle Built to Fit the Horse, Mule and Rider

   Saddle Leather


Timberline Saddle Company uses only top-quality vegetable tanned top-grain cowhide on its saddles. These leathers have not been skived and buffed to look perfect, but are Grade A hides with the full top-grain intact to ensure strength, integrity and long life. 

The occasional blemish found in a natural smooth leather saddle indicates that it is a natural, full top-grain hide. Some blemishes, usually very slight, are to be expected. 

When you receive your saddle it will be oiled and ready to go. We only use natural oils as not to damage the integrity of your saddle leather. A continuance of this care will ensure the life of your saddle for many years to come!

Remember when picking a color you can always darken the color by oiling it or setting it out in the sun, but you CAN NOT lighten it.

We offer Natural or Oak, Chestnut, Rust, Mahogany, Brown and Black. Like all leather we CAN NOT  guarantee the color to be exactly like the samples shown. 

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