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Here is what our cutomers have to say about their Timberline Saddles.

Message from Chris Thompson, Twyford, Berkshire, UK

Buying a saddle sight unseen is always a gamble, but buying on sight unseen from another continent is a real gamble. Also buying sight unseen for a Spanish Mustang, a horse that is notoriously hard to fit for a saddle must be verging on recklessness

However, I had looked the samples of workmanship that Martine Lettau, the UK agent, had, was very impressed and decided to risk it.

I was measured and Brego, my horse, was measured and we decided on a Phoenix in rust, with matching head stall and breast plate.

Eventually the saddle arrived at the importers and as I live very close to their office I decided to collect it myself. As we were not sure if the saddle would move, I ordered a breast plate.

When we got it home and opened the box, it was WOW!!

The quality and workmanship was like when "Made in USA" meant good quality products. We were also fascinated to read the pages of the local newspaper that had been used as packing, and we are still trying to find a use for the bits of sheepskin that were loose in the box.

So on to the most important bit – does it fit my horse. The answer is "Yes", it does not interfere with his shoulder movement or his flexing, and he seems very happy in it. When we found where the saddle sat naturally it was possible to adjust the girth to fit in his girth groove.

  He strides out as if he did not have a saddle on. It does not need the breast plate to keep it in place, so I will keep it for best as it looks good on him.

David Gray, one of the UK's top western riders is training Brego and he is happy with the saddle fit.

Of course the saddle was not made for David, and it fits me better:

It is very comfortable and I am looking forward to the warm days of summer when I can get out on trail in it.

As far as I know this is the only Timberline saddle in the UK and it attracts favourable comments from people who see it.

I would definitely recommend Timberline to anyone looking for a saddle, and if this one ever wears out would certainly buy another one.

Message from Dara Pry:

I got my Executive II saddle Monday. I've had it on every horse that I own. In all honesty, I'm trying to find something wrong with the saddle! I've had no luck, every horse loves the feel of that saddle!

I had to put it to the test. I own a 19(ish) TB gelding that I have owned for over 10 years. Since the day that I bought him he has been "cold backed", always needing a lengthy lungeing session before riding - and there still might be a buck left in him. It's been over a year since I've ridden him, colts growing up always came before riding this horse. With his advancing age and his lack of muscle tone, he's really lost muscle tone in his topline and has razor sharp withers and backbone sticking up. Here is my ultimate Timberline tree test! I pulled him straight out of the pasture and saddled him up. I let him loose in the round pen (hey, experience has taught me to be a little cautious!) and waited for his characteristic explosion. He thought that he was going to buck but realized that he wasn't pinched or smashed anywhere! I was standing in the middle of the round pen, SURE that he was going to buck. He made a few rounds, a little tight and then smoothed out, stopped and looked at me. I'm sure we both had the same amazed _expression on our faces. In the ten years that I've owned this animal this was the first time he has ever been like this. I am so sorry for all those years I blamed him for a bad habit, when I was the one tightly strapping on a bad fitting saddle. I apologized to him and I'm thanking you.

I'm sorry for rambling on, after all, this is my first gushing product testimonial!

I don't have Jim DeLong's email address, if you talk to him, please pass along my thanks to him for being so helpful. He really went the "extra mile" to meet me in St. Louis and patiently waiting while I tried out SEVERAL saddles.

Look for me on the trail, I'll be the one riding the SMILING horse!
Message From Donna Keeler

Saddle came this afternoon. It's perfect! I love it! It's probably the most beautiful saddle in the world. I will take it for a test run first thing in the morning, but everything about it looks just right. It is actually even prettier than I had expected. I suppose I should know how to adjust the fit to the horse, but you can explain how that is done eventually. I was pleased to discover that it is also much lighter than I had even hoped it would be - even though you said it was quite light. The tooling is beautiful, and the 2-colors of leather are just what I wanted. Thank you for your help. Couldn't be happier.

essage from Doris Davis

I appreciated the insert showing some of the saddle styles along with the information on how Timberline Saddles are different.
I had never heard of Timberline Saddles and thankfully a friend who had a hard to fit horse, accidentally came across one and was able to purchase it due to an unfortunate death in the family. After she left me borrow the saddle, I went hunting to find one for myself – not an easy task I might add….
We drove a distance, but I was determine to make my horse comfortable.
I have been telling people about these saddles, although no one seems to have heard of them around my area. Now at least I am able to show them the literature you sent. Cannot promise to make any sales, but you definitely have two happy customers – my friend and myself…..
Again, thank you,
Doris Davis

Message from Lavonda Hamilton
When I stopped in Nevada to have my saddle strings changed, I was so preoccupied with maneuvering the trailer and keeping Legacy quiet, that I completely neglected to tell Kathy and everyone there how much I like my saddle and how much I appreciate all the special details. It is really beautiful! I felt bad that I left without letting them know. Will you please tell them? Thanks!
 Lavonda Hamilton

  I put the VQ  on old Jones and headed out across Murray Basin.  I will never understand why anyone would use anything but a flex panel saddle.   He took off in a stride he hasn't hit in years.   Rode about an eight mile circle.  When I stripped the saddle off of Jones, his back looked like a million bucks.


Thank you for your help in fitting TeBey in such a great saddle! My butt feels great, as well as my legs and knees! TeBey did wonderful in his new saddle too...NO ROLLING! The 24" Cinch was perfect too!
Happy Trails,
Terri and TeBey (the Yoga Ball)


Message from Marie Jason

My Sira Saddle arrived yesterday. It is beautiful!!!!
You're right about the color, it's gorgeous!  I was
Riding my horse in my new saddle one hr after it was delivered. I couldn't wait! My horse loves it, as it frees up his shoulders and fits his short back.  He even responded to my cue quicker than before!

I will recommend this saddle to everyone I see at Steadfast Farms. Your service is great and I can't thank  you enough!

A very satisfied customer,
Marie Jason
Wider, GA

Sira 1481


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